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Get Healthier by Consuming 5 Types of Organic Food


How Does Organic Food Produce?

Organic food is a product of organic agriculture that is grown without the use of synthetic substances. To get the organic label from the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA, organic production must be limited from the use of pesticides on a certain level. Furthermore, the use of pesticides is permitted only on certain types.

It is grown naturally not only for organic crops but livestock is also fed with natural feed. Due to the livestock being organic, they are raised without hormones or antibiotics. Livestock should be free from Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs that would alter them by using engineering techniques.

The organic product is varied, starting from the crops then moving to dairy products. Furthermore, you will get much more benefits from consuming it, starting from consuming the product with fewer pesticides, getting better nutrients from organic, and having a long-lasting product that can be consumed longer. It is the second-best option to grow your product for everyday consumption.

Types of Organic Food

Organic products are grown in better and healthier soil that consists of higher nutrients. You may taste it better than the product that is grown conventionally. The demand for the organic crops is getting higher day by day due to the benefit of its consumption. These are the types of organic food that you might want to try. Check it out!

1. Organic Fruits

The most common type you can find in the supermarket is fruits. Due to the heavy pesticide residue on conventional fruit, the demand for organic fruits has risen recently. Furthermore, organic fruit is available and comes in a wide variety. Not only varied but also comes in good quality as well.

The characteristic of organic food is sweet, fruity, and might have a little blemish on its texture. However, do not worry because blemishes and marks on the fruit’s texture come due to the absence of pesticides. You may still taste the food as good as and better than conventional.

2. Organic Vegetables

The second type is organic vegetables which have the same high demand as organic fruits.

The reason is that organic crops must come from the field that is free of chemical substances of fertilizers and pesticides. Furthermore, the period of chemical-free is about three years.

The organic vegetables grown from a field that has followed the regulation of organic farming taste better than those grown conventionally. For instance, organic vegetables have a different value in the amount of residue for your daily consumption.

Although the texture might have blemishes and marks as the organic fruits, do not worry because they taste the same. Or even better since it is grown without any pesticides and chemical substances.

3. Organic Dairy Products

Thirdly, organic dairy products have been quite popular this recent year. Fortunately, all of the milk from dairy animals, including cows, sheep, and goats, can be certified organic. The certified one will cover the entire dairy spectrum practically. Some of the spectrums include organic milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream, etc.

Furthermore, organic dairy products contain more Omega-3s. It is certified on research done by Europeans in 2016. Merely, you can taste this benefit by consuming organic dairy products which are produced from livestock that have been treated naturally without any hormones or antibiotics.

4. Organic Meat

Meat is one of the favorite food in the world. It can be cooked and tasted in many cooking methods. The difference between organic and non-organic meat comes from its quality.

Organic meat is healthy and does not contain any chemical substance due to the natural food fed to the livestock.

The main character of organic livestock requires animals to be raised naturally without antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. The purpose of keeping the livestock free from antibiotics is to give more space to roam and keep them in a smaller quantity. Furthermore, organic meat tends to have a better taste, texture, leaner, and healthier for the consumer.

5. Organic Fish and Seafood

The last type is organic fish. They are rare in fish farms. The fish raised on the farm are fed a specific diet to help them breed efficiently—for example, salmon, trout, halibut, cod, and sea bass. In contrast, the meaning of organic seafood is the one that is wild-caught in the sea.

To Conclude

There are five types of organic food sold by the seller and available in the market. They are organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic dairy products, organic meat, organic fish, and seafood. While receiving a better and healthier body, the demand for it becomes higher every year. It is important to consume the free-chemical substance to get a healthier body, and organic crops are ready to help you for getting a better version.

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