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Organic Food: Definition and Its Benefit on Consuming It


What Does Organic Food Mean?

You must have heard of organic. It is a term that refers to the way of agricultural crops are produced. However, the regulations of crops are varied from one country to another. In United States, organic food must be grown without toxic materials. Such as synthetic herbicides, pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMO), and fertilizers.

The second regulation for growing organic livestock which produces meat, eggs, and dairy products, requires to be raised in real living condition accommodations due to their natural behaviors.

For example, a cow can graze on pasture, and a hen should be kept in warm straws. Furthermore, livestock has to be fed by organic feed and forage. They should be healthy, and it is forbidden to give antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal by-products.

How to Produce Organic Food?

As you know, organic crops and livestock must be kept in organic ways. There are two different ways of growing organic food. It depends on the product. Here are the explanations of how to produce organic crops and organic meat, dairy, and eggs. Let’s check it out!

1. Organic Crops

The first method in growing organic crops is focusing on safe materials. They must be grown with natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost. Secondly, the weeds are being controlled by natural actions. Weeds should be controlled by crop rotation, hand weeding, tilling, and mulching. For instance, you can control it by using herbicides that are organic-approved.

Not only the weeds are controlled naturally but the pests are also treated the same way. They are controlled using natural methods such as birds, traps, insects, and naturally-derived pesticides.

2. Organic Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

The second product of organic food is organic meat, dairy products, and eggs. These products are all produced by taking care of farm animals, especially cows and hens. Firstly, all of the livestock must be treated using organic materials, starting from the free feed hormone and GMO. Those materials will keep livestock healthy, and the result is keeping all being organic.

If livestock has a disease, you should prevent it with natural methods. You can strive for it by cleaning the house, grazing rotationally, and doing a healthy diet. Last, livestock must have access to their natural living environment.

3. The Benefit of Consuming Organic Food

Consuming every food that comes through your throat should be grown naturally since it will have a notable impact on your mental and emotional health. Not only did the food you are consuming, but the environment has a crucial impact as well.

The organic you consume is more beneficial for your body and health. One of the most important nutrients you will get is antioxidants. It is also effective in treating people with allergies to food, chemicals, or defensives so that their symptoms will shrink or even go away. Furthermore, these are the benefits you will get from consuming organic ones.

4. Free From Products Full of Pesticides

The first benefit you will obtain is being free from products full of pesticides. As you know, organic is being grown naturally with fewer pesticides. They are healthier than conventional agriculture products, which are produced by using chemical materials. Such as synthetic fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides whose residue stays still on and in the food you eat.

5. Organic is Much Fresher

What makes organic and non-organic different is the long last of the product. While non-organic is easier to rot, organic, which does not consist of preservatives, lasts longer. For instance, organic is mostly being produced on a smaller farm that is easy to sell.

6. Organic Farming: Better Environment

The third benefit of consuming organic is you will get a better environment due to organic farming. Because it may reduce pollution, reduce soil erosion, increase soil fertility, conserve water, and use less energy. Organic farming that does not use synthetic pesticides will give a better environment for the nearby birds, animals, and the people who live near the farms.

7. Organic Meat and Dairy Products Have Richer Nutrients

A study in 2016 by Europe determined that the level of the natural nutrients produced by organic livestock was up to 50 percent higher. It included omega 3 fatty acids inside the organic meat and milk than the product raised by the conventional version.

To Conclude

Organic food is a technology raised naturally without synthetic pesticides and chemicals materials in order to keep the freshness of the product. Not only for the organic crops, but the livestock is also naturally raised.

The organic will give you several benefits such as free of fewer-pesticides products, which is better for your health. As you know, organic will last longer than conventional ones. They are richer in nutrients as well.

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